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Join the MOS Racing Club
Picture:  Club member Charles Pockell-Wilson showing off his MOS
Racing team kit at a CX race in California.
MOS Racing Club Gallery


  • Special team gear discounts

  • Camaraderie and race support

  • Opportunity to gain race experience from the
    MOS/WOS Racing Team      

  • Membership is valid thru the end of 2014 for
    those who join from August-December 2013

Click on picture for larger view.
Our MOS Racing tee just two feet away
from The Cannibal!  How cool is that.  
Thanks to Bob Mann, owner of Summit
City Bicycles & Fitness, our team shop,
for sportin' it.
Olympic Silver Medalist Nelson Vails
showing off the MOS Racing tee at the
2009 Athens Twilight.
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